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Vodacom Everyday-ta Terms and Conditions


We're excited to offer you a choice of 3 LTE bundles. Pay ONCE and get a DAILY allocation of DATA for 30 days. All this for just being a new member of the Vodacom family.

How it works is simple:

Join Vodacom

Buy an Everday-ta bundle

Stay connected

Once you have purchased any Vodacom starter pack from one of our Vodacom stores and participating outlets and it has been successfully activated, you are ready to go!

Next, you just need to buy an Everyday-ta bundle.

You can do this instantly via the My Vodacom App or through our USSD channel

by dialing *135*111# and follow the prompts.

Choose the bundles that meet your needs between our 3 options and get a FREE YouTube data bundle after being active on the network for 2 days. Yes, all that on us!

Daily Allocation Total Allocation (30 days) Price FREE YouTube allocation
250MB 7.5GB R99 500MB YouTube for 7 days
500MB 10GB R169 1GB YouTube for 7 days
1GB 30GB R299 2GB YouTube for 30 days

These bundles are valid from 15 June 2021 to 15 September 2021.

 So why buy an Everyday-ta Bundle? So that you stay connected every single day!

Once you have purchased 1 of the 3 Everyday-ta bundles, you will receive a daily data allocation for 30 days. PLUS, you will receive a once-off FREE YouTube data bundle to stream your favorite videos and access online tips and tricks to take your life to the next level. The daily data allocation will allow you to say connected to family, friends, and social media. Each data bundle is valid for 24 hours and expires at 23:59 on the same day. At 00:00, your new daily data allocation will be allocated for the day.

AND for being part of the Vodacom family, you have access to Vodacom’s exclusive loyalty and rewards program, VodaBucks. It is free to join for all Vodacom users. You will be able to earn VodaBucks by recharging with airtime or data, completing Vodacom-linked activities like achieving personalized goals, and settling your account.

Each week you need to Bank your Bucks via the My Vodacom App or through our USSD channel on *135# and follow the prompts.

Once they’ve been banked, you’ll unlock a range of amazing rewards in the VodaBucks Store including cellphones, electronics, appliances, shopping vouchers, and MORE.

Now it’s your turn stay connected Everyday-ta.


Got a question for us?

Our FAQ section can help.

1.  What is an Everyday-ta Bundle?

Vodacom has launched 3 data bundles that offer customers a daily recurring data allocation, valid for 30 days, for one price.

2.  Who qualifies to buy an Everyday-ta Bundle?

All new customers joining the Vodacom network from 15 June 2021 to 15 September 2021, both prepaid and hybrid, qualify to buy an Everyday-ta bundle. Existing Vodacom customers (Prepaid & Hybrid) will be presented with personalized offers under the direct string; however, these offers will be different from those available to new customers.

TO NOTE: Postpaid and NEW Hybrid customers do not qualify for this promotion.

3.  How does my daily data allocation work?

Customers will receive their daily allocation every morning at 00:00 until the 30-day cycle has completed. All unused data will expire every day at 23:59 on the day of allocation.

4.  Can I buy more than one Everyday-ta Bundle?

Yes. New customers joining the network can purchase Everyday-ta bundles as many times as you like.

5.  Can I purchase other data bundles once I have purchased an Everyday-ta Bundle?

Yes. Customers can purchase other additional once-off data bundles

6.  What happens when my daily data allocation runs out?

Once a customer has used their allocated daily bundle for the day, they can recharge with any of the Vodacom data bundles via the My Vodacom App or via the USSD channel by dialing *135# and following the prompts.

7.  When will I get my FREE YouTube Data allocation?

Customers need to be active on the network for a minimum of 2 days after which the FREE YouTube Data bundle will be allocated.

8.  How can I access/use my FREE YouTube data?

Your FREE YouTube data can only be used via the YouTube website ( and is not applicable for use via the YouTube App.

9.  Where can I check my balance of my daily data usage and FREE YouTube allocation?

Customers can check the balance of their daily data usage on USSD and via the My Vodacom App. By dialing *135*111# and pressing 1 for balance enquiries. The screen will then show the remaining balance on data and YouTube allocation.

For the My Vodacom App, a customer will need to open the My Vodacom App on their device. Once the app has opened, click on My Account, Detailed Balances, and the customer will get a view of the data used and remaining.

10.  What is VodaBucks?

VodaBucks is Vodacom’s exclusive loyalty and rewards program to celebrate and reward you for being a Vodacom customer. VodaBucks is free to join for all Vodacom users.

11.  How do I earn VodaBucks?

Every week you’ll be able to earn VodaBucks by completing Vodacom-linked activities recharging with data or airtime, achieving personalized goals, and settling your account. Once you’ve completed the activity, you’ll earn VodaBucks straight to your phone.

12.  How do I bank my VodaBucks?

Each week you need to Bank your Bucks via the My Vodacom App or through our USSD channel on *135# and follow the prompts.

13.  What can I do with VodaBucks?

Once your VodaBucks have been banked, they can be used to unlock MegaShakes to earn bigger and better prizes or can be redeemed in the VodaBucks stores on the My Vodacom App for amazing rewards including cellphones, electronics, appliances, and more.

14.  How long is the weekly VodaBucks reward cycle?

The VodaBucks rewards cycle runs from Saturday until Friday. You have until midnight on Friday to bank your week’s VodaBucks before they expire.

15.  Will I get a reminder to bank my VodaBucks before they expire?

Yes. Every Wednesday and Friday morning you will be reminded to Bank your Bucks before they expire.