What does Smartcall do?

Smartcall has business agreements with all major Telecommunication operators in South Africa for the distribution of connectivity services, Starter Packs, prepaid airtime, value added WASP services and custom-built recharge solutions; Smartcall also develops and hosts WEB, USSD and SMS-based services and products; and supports dealer stock management software for our dealer in the formal and informal sectors.


We aim to provide our consumer with convenient simple discounted airtime, data and prepaid starter pack products, available at any time. Smartcall is a Vodacom VSP2 SIM card distribution company established in 1998 whose primary aim is to provide a quality service to the consumer and to our agent operatives. We aim to offer the consumer airtime at a discounted rate, which is easily accessible – not necessarily always from a store, but perhaps from the person living right next door.


RICA or the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act is a new law that has been passed by the South African government that makes it compulsory for Prepaid and Contract customers to register all new and existing cellphone numbers.

Verify the customer’s ID/passport and proof of residence.  Proof of residence should not be older than 3 months.
A registered RICA agent can register you as a RICA Agent.  They will capture all your details on SmartRICA USSD (*130*7422#), SmartRICAApp and on Smartcall Online. They will also upload your ID/Passport, Proof of address and a Selfie for you to be registered.

Or you can email Agent@smartcall.co.za to be assisted.

Once registered this enables you to supply and distribute our range of services and products throughout South Africa.

Creating a new RICA Agent in our SmartRICA Android App will require you to upload pictures of the new agent’s ID/Passport, proof of address as well as a photo with the ID/Passport and face.

Step 1 – Open the SmartRICA App on your Android phone.
Step 2 – Click on Create New Agent
Step 3 – Fill in all the relevant details and click “Create Agent.” A prompt will appear asking “Do you want to upload documents for this agent?” Click yes.
Step 4 – Click on “Take Photo.” Take photo once the photo displays clear enough to read.
Step 5 – Capture all required documents
Step 6 – Click upload on all 3 images before clicking on done.

If you are not able to capture the documentation at the time you are creating a new agent, you can go to Transactions and always add the documents at a later stage.

Make sure you have the latest version of SmartRICA and Smartload apps. Take all the pictures and upload at the end.

Step 1 – Login to SmartcallOnline
Step 2 – Go to SmartRICA
Step 3 – Click on Capture RICA Agent
Step 4 – After you have completed all the relevant details you can upload the documents.
Step 5 – Once you have done all of the above click Capture Agent

•  Dial *130*7422#
•  Visit Smartcall Online
•  Download the SmartRICA App on the Google Playstore

Contact your dealer to get stock or order from our online store https://store.smartcall.co.za/

You will have to verify the customer’s before you register a starter pack for them.

•   ID document (Green barcoded ID or Smart ID Card / Passport )
•   Proof of residence or employment address, using a current utility bill or a recent bank statement

•  USSD: *130*7422# (toll free)
•  SmartRICA App
•  www.smartcallonline.co.za
•  SmartTerminal

All Smartcall RICA agents can earn up to R40 per VodacomVSP2 SIM, And R40 on Telkom MYSIM Starter Packs

Make sure to RICA, Recharge and Activate to earn a commission.

For more information Power Pack Activation Rule and Telkom MYSIM Activation Rule

Only registered companies can become Starter Pack distributors.


SmartLoad enables you to sell prepaid airtime, data, electricity and more. By using SmartLoad your money is not tied up to one network or one voucher, this means that you are able to use your money in your wallet for any of the products and services offered on the SmartLoad platforms.

After depositing money into the Smartcall/SmartLoad bank account, you will be able to start recharging your friends, family and customers with airtime, data and much much more. If you sell R2000 or more in the month, Smartcall will credit your SmartLoad wallet with R100. (That’s a margin of 5%!!)

Remember: This margin is available on all Network recharges only and you must sell a minimum of R2000 to qualify.

• Airtime and Data
• SmartRICA
• Electricity
• Payments and Vouchers

Step 1: Dial *130*678# or go to Smartcall Online – This service is TOLL-FREE. This is NOT a subscription service. No hidden fees or costs.

Step 2: Create & Credit your account – Deposit cash (or EFT) at any ABSA, FNB and Nedbank:
– ABSA Account no: Beneficiary – Smartcall Smartload
– FNB Account no: Beneficiary – Smartcall Smartload
– Nedbank Account no: Beneficiary – Smartcall Smartload
– Reference: Use your cell phone number as the reference.

Due to the risk of fraud at bank branches, Smartcall will allocate a portion of your deposit within 15 minutes and the balance of the deposit will be allocated the following morning. You will receive the following welcoming SMS when you make your first deposit into your Smartload wallet:
Welcome to the Smartload Family! Your PIN is xxxx. Your account balance is R0.00. Time to start making easy cash. Dial *130*678# (Toll-Free) to get started. Enjoy!

Register for Pay@ using our Smartcall Online.

Once you are registered you can deposit at Ackermans, Pick n Pay, Boxer Superstores, Checkers, Shoprite and Pep.
Steps you need to follow to Register and Deposit:
•  Login to Smartcall Online (www.smartcallonline.co.za), select Dealer Registration and capture your details. Once registered you can deposit the following day.
•  Make a deposit using our reference no and your MSISDN of the registered Smartload dealer 11660+MSISDN. Deposits are from R50-R5000; once the deposit is made, funds will be available the next day.
•  Deposits can be by cash, credit card, and debit card.

Funds will be allocated to you within 24 hours.

Register for Smartload Cashout before you can withdraw your promotional support at any FNB and Nedbank.

To register for Smartload eWallet on USSD you require a valid SA ID number.
Dial *130*678# and choose Option 5

If you are using a passport please go to www.smartcallonline.co.za

How to register for FNB e-Wallet and Nedbank MobiMoney:

FNB Smartcall e-Wallet:
You are required to register for FNB e-Wallet before using the wallet.
To access e-Wallet dial *120*277# and choose Smartcall e-Wallet.
You will be asked to create a PIN to use every time you withdraw money.
A R10 transaction fee is charged on each cash out transaction.
FNB e-Wallet number 087 575 9405.

Nedbank MobiMoney:
To access MobiMoney dial *120*002# and choose Withdraw.
If you choose to withdraw the full amount in a single transaction. No account is needed or further details will be required by the bank.
If you choose to withdraw parts of the money, then you will have to capture your details to open an account.
To open an account dial *120*002# and follow the prompts.
You will also be required to create a PIN to use every time you withdraw your promo support.
If funds are not withdrawn with 48 hours, the full amount will be reversed into your Smartload wallet.
Nedbank MobiMoney contact number 0800 555 111.

•   Dial *130*678#
•   Visit Smartcall Online
•   Download the Smartload App on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

All charges relating to the deposit are for the vendor’s account.

* Discounts subject to change. Please check Smartcall Online for latest current discounts and promotions.

Still unsure about our Smartload service, call our Smartcall Customer Care helpline on +27 11 507 4789.


Load-a-Buddy is a Smartcall product that let you recharge any friend or family member by simply sending an SMS or selecting your recharge options from an easy-to-use USSD menu. Read more about Load-a-Buddy.

For any of the following products: Vodacom Airtime, Cell C Airtime, MTN Airtime, Airtime Discounts, Bulk Airtime vouchers, Bulk transfers, prepaid starters, Vodacom prepaid starters, VSP2, Starter Packs, SIM cards, Smartload, Smartcall online, Load-a-Buddy, USSD, terminals, price plans, airtime vouchers please contact sales@smartcall.co.za

Smartcall has since its establishment in 1998 launched active campaigns to empower the informal sector, setting up distribution chains and training our dealers and customers to make use of all available technologies and opportunities to set up their own businesses.

Vodacom Price Plans

Vodacom NXT LVL offers the best value for under 25s! It is a platform that allows youth to buy data bundles and share with a friend. NXT LVL aim to empower youth through education, mentorship and jobs. It offers guaranteed affordable data bundles.

Change your price plan to NXT LVL for FREE:
Log in to your Vodacom Profile
Dial *128#
Call 1181 and follow the prompts

For more information visit Vodacom NXT LVL

Vodacom Prepaid 79c Price Plan is a promotional prepaid price plan from Vodacom which offers a 79c per minute call rate. It is applicable to all calls to any SA network – all day, every day.

Change your price plan to Vodacom Prepaid 79c Price Plan for FREE:
Log in to your Vodacom Profile
Call 1181 and follow the prompts or Dial *135#

For more information visit Vodacom Prepaid 79c Price Plan

The Vodacom Power Pack is the starter Pack with extra extras. It gives you access to Just4You Bundles, Airtime Advance (load now, pay later), Power Hour and much more.

To activate your Power Pack, go in store with your ID and proof of residence. To access power bundles dial *135# form your Power Pack sim and follow “Buy Power Bundles”

For more information visit Vodacom Power Pack

Power Bonus is a permanent Tariff for Prepaid Vodacom Customers that gives you a 100% Bonus every time you recharge. You can use your free extra airtime for data to make calls or send SMSs (to any network.)

Change Vodacom Power Bonus:
Dial *135#
Call 1181 and follow the prompts

For more information visit: Vodacom Power Bonus

Vodacom Siyakha is a prepaid tariff plan that includes funeral cover, various rewards, and zero-rated data for services aimed at the lower-income end of South Africa’s mobile market.

These zero-rated services include:
Facebook Flex: A media-light version of Facebook.
eSchool: Grade R to 12 classroom notes, exercises, practice tests, and quizzes.
Mum & Baby: Information, support, and tips to questions about common health problems.
Jobs: Search and apply for jobs online.

Change to Vodacom Siyakha:
Log in to your Vodacom Profile
Dial *128#
Call 1181 and follow the prompts

For more information visit Vodacom Siyakha

General Questions

Mobile number portability allows network users to move from one network to another while still keeping their original cell number. A customer needs to request a number port from a service provider of the network they want to port to, who will then initiate the porting process. A customer may port between networks every 3 months.

To port to Smartcall, go to any Vodacom shop and speak to a sales assistant, or contact the Smartcall Customer Care Centre (011 507 4789).

When you get a new SIM card, the PUK is supplied with the Starter Pack. Unfortunately, these tend to get lost over the years. Not to worry – you can access your PUK in other ways too:

Log into My Vodacom online
Select ‘Manage my profile’
Select the tab ‘Price plan and phone’ and you will see your PUK number displayed.
SMS ‘VPP’ to 31050 from the cellphone number you need your PUK for.
Dial *135#
Select ‘Services’
Select ‘PUK Number’

Or, dial 082 135, free from a Vodacom cellphone and follow the voice prompts.
Make sure you have the right PUK number and enter it correctly. If you enter the incorrect PUK number too many times, your SIM card will be permanently blocked and you’ll have to get a new one.

If your Smartcall SIM card should be lost, damaged or stolen you can do a SIM swap (SIM replacement) using any other Smartcall starter pack.

Benefits of SIM Swap:
• You get to keep your cellphone number on the new SIM.
• Your credit balance will be carried over and you will keep your number.

How to do a Prepaid SIM Swap:
1. Buy a new Prepaid starter pack and register it for RICA.
2. Dial 136 from the new SIM.
3. Select the option to use your old cellphone number.
4. You will be routed to a call center consultant who will do the SIM swap for you.
5. Put your new SIM into your device. It will take between two and 24 hours before the new SIM card is activated.

You can also port to Smartcall, by going to any Vodacom shop and speaking to a sales assistant, or contacting the Smartcall Customer Care Centre (011 507 4789).

To become a prepaid subscriber, you only need to buy a cell phone and a prepaid starter pack. There are no additional monthly costs, credit checks or credit approval. You buy recharge vouchers as you need them. Your airtime window and cell phone credit will be extended every time you buy a voucher according to the value of the voucher.

Advantages of prepaid:
•   No contracts, credit checks, credit approvals or long-term commitment.
•   No monthly billing, extra or hidden costs – you pay in advance for what you use.
•   Topping up your account is easy.
•   You have access to most cellphone services for example voice mail, SMSing, CLIP etc, and can make use of the prepaid roaming facilities in some neighboring countries.

Disadvantages of prepaid:
•   Cost per minute is higher than with contract subscriptions.
•   Cost per SMS is usually higher than with contract subscriptions.
•   If you do not use your phone for 7 months your number will be disconnected from the network.

When should I select Prepaid?
•   If you do not want to commit to a long-term contract.
•   If you are a first-time cell phone user who might not yet have a clear idea of your cellular usage patterns/expenses/budgeting.
•   If you want to have a clear, pre-determined cell phone budget (for example students).
•   If you only use a cell phone occasionally.
•   If you only want a cell phone for emergencies, for example, parents buying cell phones for their kids for emergency purposes.
•   If you will only be in the country for a short time or infrequently.

Subscribing to a cell phone contract usually involves signing a 2-year contract with a fixed monthly cost. This usually includes a handset (cell phone) and a certain number of free minutes per month. SMS bundles can be added to the contract at a fixed cost, lowering the overall cost of SMS communication. You are billed monthly for the contract subscription, calls made “outside” of your free minutes allocation and any additional services like SMS bundles, CLIP (Caller Line Identity Presentation), etc.

If you cancel the contract before the 2 years have expired you will have to pay a penalty which can range from a flat fee amount to a charge per month remaining on your contract. You will also have to go through credit checks and approval before you qualify to become a contract subscriber. Calls are however cheaper per minute than with prepaid.

Advantages of a cell phone contract:
•   You do not have to worry about “running out of credit” when you have to make a call.
•   You will get free minutes to use per month, depending on the package you select.
•   You usually get a handset (cellphone) included in your contract
•   You have access to the complete range of cellphone services including full international roaming, data calls, faxing, etc.
•   Calls are cheaper per minute.
•   SMSs are usually cheaper per SMS, you can also buy SMS bundles to lower the cost even further.

Disadvantages of a cell phone contract?
•   Contracts are subject to credit checks and approval.
•   You will have to budget for a monthly bill which could be unexpectedly high if you don’t use your contract responsibly.
•   You are bound to the contract for 24 months and will have to pay penalty fees for early cancellations.

•  Vodacom subscribers dial *135#
•  MTN subscribers dial *141#
•  Cell C subscribers dial *136#
•  Telkom subscribers dial *188#
•  Virgin Mobile subscribers dial *101#
•  Lyca Mobile subscribers dial *131#
•  Econet subscribers dial *100#

All networks: Dial 082 112 in case of emergency.