Helping you talk more for less - Since 1998

Mission Statement

To offer clients top-quality, innovative, integrated communication solutions. Build long-term, value-adding relationships with our clients. Address these demands through the development of solutions, sales and support of quality electronic, voice, data, image and text services. Provide entrepreneurs with the tools, services, training education and resources.


We pride ourselves on our integrity, quality of our work and believe in the utmost honesty and transparency. We believe in the power of empowerment – proactively providing support helping employees, customers and business partners understand the company’s vision and strategic plan.

Our Vision

To create conditions for economic growth and opportunity by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and competitiveness, to be the company of choice for quality clients, and to deliver the best integrated communication solutions for both the formal and informal market.

We aim to provide our consumer with convenient simple discounted airtime, data and prepaid starter pack products, available at any time. Smartcall is a Vodacom VSP2 SIM card distribution company established in 1998 whose primary aim is to provide a quality service to the consumer and to our agent operatives. We aim to offer the consumer airtime at a discounted rate, which is easily accessible – not necessarily always from a store, but perhaps from the person living right next door.


Our other aim and an aim on which we place great importance is the job creation we endorse by creating RICA agent operatives. We take great pride in the fact that we are a major part of business development and growth within our industry. Smartcall is perpetually looking for ways to help our agents grow their business. We have various products available to RICA agents which enables them to further their own careers, and market themselves. We aim to make ourselves as relatable and accessible as possible, so our agents know we are constantly helping them to connect and helping them to make an honest living! Smartcall is the only organisation that makes promotional support payments on a biweekly basis, because we put our consumer, and our agent operatives first, ensuring the highest standard of product and service. We specialise in providing prepaid cellular services and products to South African mobile users since 1998. Today we are one of the largest distributors of starter packs and prepaid airtime in South Africa, and provide several WASP services to our large customer base.



Smartcall (registered as Smart Phone (Pty) Ltd) has specialised in providing prepaid cellular services and products to South African mobile users since 1998.th Africa.


We are proud to have over 9 million happy clients