Smartload is a prepaid airtime and data recharge solution.

You are able to sell prepaid airtime, data and electricity and make a profit. With Smartload you can use your money for the network that is in demand in your area. Your money is not tied up to one network or one voucher, which means that you are able to use your money for any of the major networks.

How does Smartload work?

You simply dial the Smartload USSD shortcut to be registered as a Smartload dealer. After depositing money into the Smartcall bank account, you will be credited with the same amount of Smartload credit. You can then start selling airtime to your friends and family, and with every sale only the cost price will be deducted from your Smartload balance while the full airtime amount is recharged to your client.

For example, if you deposit R100 in cash, your Smartload balance will be increased with R100 (please note banking charges will be applied). If you then sell R100 airtime to a friend, he or she will be recharged with R100 and only R96 will be deducted from your Smartload purse. You immediately save R4!

Smartload Banking 03.06.2019


You can now also deposit funds at the below retailers:


Pay@ Outlets 2

Register for Pay@ using our, once registered you can deposit at Ackermans, Pick n Pay, Boxer Superstores, Checkers, Shoprite and Pep.

Steps you need to follow to Register and Deposit:

-Login to Smartcall Online (, select Dealer Registration and capture your details. Once registered you can deposit the following day.

-Make a deposit using our reference no and your MSISDN of the registered Smartload dealer 11660+MSISDN. Deposits are from R50-R5000; once the deposit is made, funds will be available the next day.

-Deposits can be by cash, credit card, and debit card.

SMARTLOAD in three easy steps

Step 1: Dial *130*678# or go to Smartcall Online – This service is TOLL FREE. This is NOT a subscription service. No hidden fees or costs.

Step 2: Create & Credit your account – Deposit cash (or EFT) at any ABSA or FNB bank:
– ABSA Account no: Beneficiary – Smartcall Smartload
– FNB Account no: Beneficiary – Smartcall Smartload
– Nedbank Account no: Beneficiary – Smartcall Smartload

– Reference: Use your cell phone number as the reference.

Step 3: Get airtime & data for less! – Dial: *130*678#, check your balance, recharge friends, customers or yourself at amazing discounts.

Due to the risk of fraud at bank branches Smartcall will allocate a portion of your deposit within 15 minutes and the balance of the deposit will be allocated the following morning. You will receive the following welcoming SMS when you make your first deposit into your Smartload wallet:

Welcome to the Smartload Family! Your PIN is xxxx. Your account balance is R0.00. Time to start making easy cash. Dial *130*678# (Toll Free) to get started. Enjoy!

Withdrawing Smartload funds

Register for Smartload Cashout before you can withdraw your promotional support at any FNB and Nedbank.

To register for Smartload eWallet on USSD you require a valid SA ID number.
Dial *130*678# and choose Option 5

If you are using a passport please go to

How to register for FNB e-Wallet and Nedbank MobiMoney:

FNB Smartcall e-Wallet:
You are required to register for FNB e-Wallet before using the wallet.
To access e-Wallet dial *120*277# and choose Smartcall e-Wallet.
You will be asked to create a PIN to use every time you withdraw money.
A R10 transaction fee is charged on each cash out transaction.
FNB e-Wallet number 087 575 9405.

Nedbank MobiMoney:
To access MobiMoney dial *120*002# and choose Withdraw.
If you choose to withdraw the full amount in a single transaction. No account is needed or further details will be required by the bank.
If you choose to withdraw parts of the money, then you will have to capture your details to open an account.
To open an account dial *120*002# and follow the prompts.
You will also be required to create a PIN to use every time you withdraw your promo support.
If funds are not withdrawn with 48 hours, the full amount will be reversed into your Smartload wallet.
Nedbank MobiMoney contact number 0800 555 111.


Smartload is available on the below platforms.

Applelogo androidlogo

How much profit will I make?

All bank charges relating to the deposit are for the vendors account.

* Discounts subject to change. Please check Smartcall Online for latest discounts and promotions

Why Smartload?

Prepaid airtime and data bundles are available to sell or transfer from your own personal phone

· No risk of theft/loss/expired vouchers
· You can sell & transfer prepaid airtime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – anytime and anywhere!
· Continuous availability of all bulk and or airtime vouchers
· Immediate profit at the time of the sale
· Your Smartload PIN makes it safe & secure
· No hidden costs or monthly fees
· Make money anywhere you go!

Who can I ask more about Smartload?

Still unsure about our Smartload service. Call our Smartcall Customer Care helpline on 0115074789