Power Pack Activation Rule


How to activate a Smartcall Power Pack Starter

Smartcall Power Pack Activation Rule:
Step 1: RICA
USSD – Dial *130*7422# (toll free)
Web – Go to www.smartcallonline.co.za
SmartTerminal – RICA menu
SmartRICA App – Search SmartRICA in Google Play Store

Step 2: Recharge
After you have RICA’d the SIM, make sure you recharge you a customer with R30 or more.

Step 3: Activate
Smartcall will pay R20 for all starter packs that recharge and spend R20 or more. All starters that recharged R30 or more by the activation month qualify for an additional R10 if they recharge R10 or more in the month following the month of activation. (Excludes premium-rated services.)

Convert to a Smartcall Power Bundle by loading airtime and dialing *135#

The 100MB included on the Power Starter Pack does not count towards activation.

Terms & Conditions: www.smartcall.co.za/powerpack