SmartRICA is South Africa's biggest independent RICA solution

What is RICA?

It is a law that requires ALL new customers (Prepaid, Top Up and Contract) to register their SIM cards. To be able to register new prepaid starters for RICA, you need to be registered as a RICA agent.

How do I register customers once I have received my agent ID and password?

Important: You have to verify the customer’s ID/Passport and Proof of Address before you register a starter pack for them.

You can dial *130*7422# Toll Free to enter the customer details. There is a time limit on each session but if your session times out all you have to do is dial *130*7422# again and you will be prompted for the rest of the customer’s details. You will not be required to enter all the details again. Your registered cell phone number will be used as your agent code for the USSD solution.  You can register Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom Mobile, Virgin Mobile Lyca Mobile and Trace Mobile SIM customers via this solution.

You can use the Smartcall SmartTerminal to register customers.

The device is available online on the Smartcall Online Store:

For more information on the Smartcall SmartTerminal visit:

Download our SmartRICA App.

You can register a customer via the website if you have access to the internet.

Log on to by entering in your Smartload number and dialing *130*678*100# to receive your One Time PIN.

Once you’ve logged in you need to select RICA (Option 3) to go to the RICA functionality.