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Value-Added Quotes, Sayings & Thoughts (Terms & Conditions)
The Smartcall USSD Value-Added Quote Services are open to all Vodacom mobile contract and prepaid subscribers in South Africa, however winnings can only be paid to Vodacom prepaid subscribers. MTN mobile subscribers will receive an airtime voucher with winnings if they win airtime.

The Smartcall SMS Value-Added Quote Services are open to all Vodacom, MTN and Cell C mobile contract and prepaid subscribers in South Africa, and winnings will be paid to a prepaid subscriber on the same network.

Should a Vodacom-contract subscriber win, he/she will be sent an SMS (after entering & winning for the first time) requesting a nominated Vodacom prepaid number for the winnings to be recharged to.

All current and future winnings will be recharged to this nominated number, until the number is changed upon request from the original subscriber.

If contract subscribers win airtime they need to nominate a prepaid number to recharge airtime winnings to.

When a contract winner nominates a prepaid number for his/her winnings for the FIRST TIME, the outstanding (pending) winnings will be recharged within 24 hours, however all winnings from entries occurring AFTER the nomination of the prepaid number will usually be recharged within 15 minutes after the winning entry was received.

The nominated number can be changed by calling Smartcall Customer Care on 011 507 4789 or by sending an SMS containing ONLY the new nominated prepaid number to 082 007 0720. Example: Send “0820000000” to 082 007 0720 to change your prepaid nomination to 0820000000.

Value-Added Quote Services entries are R1.67 per entry (Vodacom) and R2.20 per entry (MTN) for all Smartcall USSD Value-Added Quote Services, except Land of Winners which is R1.00 per entry (Vodacom) and R1.71 per entry (MTN).

Winnings are usually recharged within 15 minutes of receiving the winning entry. They are recharged to the prepaid competition winner, or the prepaid nominee of a contract subscriber.

For any Value-Added Quote Services enquiry call Smartcall Customer Care on 011 507 4789 during normal working hours.

Terms & Conditions for our 21-or-Bust game

Users play with a single pack of cards which is shuffled and dealt ENTIRELY randomly each time.

In order to play, users need to purchase credits. You need 100 credits per game.

100 credits cost R1.75

500 credits cost R7.50

1500 credits cost R20.50

3000 credits cost R40.00

Users must try get as close or equal to 21 or possible, using the dealer’s initial hand as a clue (one card is always hidden).
Thereafter the dealer will try to beat your hand.

If you get above 21 the game ends immediately and you lose.

If you have blackjack which comprises of an Ace and a card worth 10, totalling 21, the game ends immediately and you win.
This would be the same if the dealer got blackjack.

When one wins you get a multiple of the amount you bet.
As a default you will always bet 100 credits, however you can change this to 200 or 500 credits.

Payouts are as follows:

Win: 2x

Blackjack: 6x

Double Down: 3x (this allows the user to double their bet on condition they only receive one more card – this only appears if the user has enough credits and the user’s total is currently on 10 or 11)

2nd Black Jack: 20x (this is for the 2nd blackjack in a row in the same session)

3rd Black Jack: 100x (this is for the 3rd blackjack in a row in the same session)You can also surrender (if you feel your initial deal is unfavourable) and get 50% of your initial bet back.

When the user has enough they can convert excess credits as airtime by selecting payout. If the amount is above 1200 you will get an extra rand.
The game can currently be played in English and Afrikaans. Zulu is coming soon!

Feel free to remove the opening screen. It will not appear if you play again, for an entire day, and allow you to get maximum time out of your session!

Sessions with Vodacom are 3 minutes long, if you are getting close to the end we will end your game at a convenient point to prevent you from be interrupted mid game.
You are required to reply within in 20 seconds each time. Unfortunately the bearer costs are unavoidable and are 20c per 20s. We will soon have a WAP version to reduce these costs!

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the customer consents to us providing customer details and logs to WASPA, should we be requested to do so by WASPA, for the purpose of resolving a dispute or query.