Mobile number porting allows you as a customer to take your existing cell phone number to another network

How to port to Smartcall VSP2

Simply follow the steps below and make your swap to the best network.

Step 1 – Buy a Smartcall VSP2 Starter Pack. Your new Vodacom SIM must be RICA-registered.
Step 2 – SMS us from your old SIM card. Use your current SIM card to SMS the word “portme” with your new number to 082 767 8287.
Step 3 – Look out for 2 SMSs from Vodacom. You will get a confirmation SMS as well as an SMS with your porting date.
Step 4 – Activate your new Vodacom SIM card. 1 Day after your Porting Date, place your new Vodacom SIM card into your phone, dial 136 & follow the prompts.