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Connect beyond limits with VAST

Get affordable access to a quality internet service with VAST. Enjoy Wi-Fi speeds of up to 500Mbps across South Africa, Freely accessible at over 2500 hotspots spanning everything from bustling malls and passenger terminals, to restaurants and hospitals, the curated web portal gives users access to relevant deals and rewards, breaking news, sport, weather, entertainment, food, fashion and more.

Purchase VAST Vouchers:

You can now purchase VAST vouchers directly from our online store (, on Smartload USSD by dialling *130*678# (toll free).

To purchase vouchers on the Store.Smartcall, follow these easy steps:
1.  Go to and make sure that you are logged into your account.
2.  Select Recharge under the Products list.
3.  On the Recharge page, you can either select My Contacts or Another Number.  My Contacts will allow you to view all your saved contacts, and you can select a contact to recharge.  You can also create a new saved contact by selecting Create New Contacts. Enter the contact’s name, select the network that they are on and insert their number.  If you select Another Number, you can recharge another number once off. You just insert name, their number, select network, the type of recharge and then the product. You can save the contact for future use and you will be able to see the contact under My Contacts. If you select a contact to recharge under My Contact you can need to click on the contact’s name. You can also select the Edit button to the edit the contact, or delete to remove the contact from your list.
4.  When you are recharging the contact select VAST as the Network.
5.  Under Type, select the option WiFi Voucher 30 Days.
6.  Under Product select R10 for 125MB.
7.  Once you are satisfied with the purchase select Recharge to prompt a payment page. You can choose to pay with your credit card or Smartload funds.
8.  If Credit Card Payment is selected it will automatically take you through to a banking site where online banking steps will take place.   If Smartload is selected you will be asked to enter your Smartload cellphone number and pin in order to check your balance. If there are enough funds, continue with payment.
9.  If the purchase is successful an SMS will be sent to you with your purchase details.

To purchase vouchers using the Smartload USSD, follow these easy steps:
1.  Dial *130*678# (toll free).
2.  Select option 1 – Recharge.
3.  Select option 0 – More.
4.  Select option 10 – VAST.
5.  Select option 1 to choose the VAST recharge amount – 125MB Wifi – R10.
6.  To display a recharge PIN press 1 or enter the cell phone number you want to recharge.
7.  Please enter your Smartload PIN to confirm the transaction.
8.  If the PIN is correct, you can enter 1 to Proceed.
9.  You will receive confirmation and SMS will be sent to the person you recharged.
10.  You can dial *130*678*1# later to check the status.

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Who can I ask more about VAST?

Still unsure about how VAST services work? Call our Smartcall Customer Care helpline on 0115074789