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Manage your family’s data usage

Control data usage wherever you set up and save money.  The smart way to track and manage you, your family’s and friends data usage.  Connect WiFi-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and manage the WiFi data usage for each user by using the SmartiFy application.  You can give data to your visitors as well.


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Why SmartiFy?

· It is the smart way to track and manage your family’s WiFi data usage
· You can save money
· It is very mobile
· It is easy to install

Where can I buy a SmartiFy device?

You can buy them directly off the SmartiFy website: or you can purchase them Store.Smartcall:                                                                                   You can buy these devices with your Smartload Funds or with your Credit Card

Who can I ask more about SmartiFy?

Still unsure about the SmartiFy service. Call our Smartcall Customer Care helpline on 0115074789 or visit the SmartiFy website: