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Connect your business and make money

SmartiFy devices are plug-and-play devices that are easy to set up. Make money by creating a WiFi Hotspot and as an operator collect money from the customers that want to use the data.  Data usage can be allocated and controlled by the operator using the SmartiFy application.

Regardless of how the customer pays, the steps are simple, the customer just needs to tap the phone, enable WiFi connection on their mobile phone (or other WiFi capable device like a tablet), and connect.

This SmartiFy device can benefit a lot of businesses including outdoor vendors, taxi ranks, work offices and many more.


Why SmartiFy?

· It is the smart way to track and manage WiFi data usage
· You can make money
· It is very mobile
· No need for usernames and passwords
· Can reach up to 100 meters, line of sight
· When the customer’s WiFi credits are exhausted, internet access is automatically disconnected
· The customer’s WiFi credit does not expire and can be used next time the device connects
· It is easy to install

Where can I buy a SmartiFy device?

You can buy them directly off the SmartiFy website: or you can purchase them Store.Smartcall:                                                                                  You can buy these devices with your Smartload Funds or with your Credit Card

Who can I ask more about SmartiFy?

Still unsure about the SmartiFy service. Call our Smartcall Customer Care helpline on 0115074789 or visit the SmartiFy website: