Porting Incentive

How to Port to VSP2

Just follow these simple steps

Step 1:
RICA any Smartcall VSP2 prepaid starter pack into your name, but DO NOT insert your NEW VSP2 SIM into your phone.

Step 2:

SMS “Portme & new SIM card number ” from your old SIM card to 082 767 8287. (example: Portme 89163000000001537365)
Once your old SIM stops working you can insert the new VSP2 SIM into your phone.

Step 3: 

You will receive 3 confirmation SMS’s

• First SMS will confirm port has been submitted to the donor network.
• Second SMS confirms that port has been approved
• Third SMS will give the port date (which is set for the next working day)

Step 4: 

Insert Your Smartcall VSP2 SIM card once the old SIM card stops working.

Step 5:

Activate your Smartcall VSP2 SIM card by dialling 136


Terms and Conditions

1. The VSP2 starter has to connect within 72 hours from time of registration.
2. The VSP2 starter has to activate according to the current activation rules
3. Excludes premium rated services, airtime transfer, international dial out, Load a Buddy
4. The normal porting incentive (R40) will exclude the following prefixes (083, 073, 084, 074) from 1 March 2017
5. Fake or ghost ports will be excluded from the bonus commissions