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We are giving you ALL the POWER. Offer more customers with more profit to you

Starter Packs

Earn ongoing revenue on starter packs that you activate.


With Smartcall you will have the buying power to make maximum profit

Airtime & Data

Make instant profit when you sell airtime, data and electricity.

MobileZone offers you as a shop

• Ongoing revenue on all SIM cards for the life span that the SIM card stays active
• Activation Bonus on every SIM card that activates you will receive R25 per starter pack if the SIM card qualifies.
• Point of sale will be supplied to all Smartcall Mobile Zones on Hero Deal cycle basis. A1 posters, A3 posters, A5 Flyers, FAB sheets
• Training on all MobileZones related products.
• Support, all MobileZones get called on monthly by a Smartcall representative.

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Free SmartTerminal

Make more profit with the Smartcall SmartTerminal.

Please ask your Smartcall representative for applicable discounts.

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